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Kairos / καιρός

Performance installation by Monika Wachowicz and Jarosław Fret

© 2022 Maciej Dziaczko

Thinking of καιρός, I go back to first feelings, first emotions, the world of dreams, all tied together into a Gordian knot in which everything is contained and so everything is possible. There is no separation between night and day, earth and sky, white and black, rich and poor, strong and weak, between what is allowed and what is bad form. The line between land and ocean vanishes.

©2022 Joanna Nowicka

Kairos is a place where things touch each other on many levels without infringing on any of the coexisting parts. It is like the Anchiskhati Basilica in Tbilisi where the flutter of wings and tears falling from the sky can be heard and where everything is real because I believe in what comes from inside me. When I think of this place, I touch the air with my fingertips, I draw the words now always with my breath.

© 2022 Maciej Dziaczko

My heart has been stabbed with a dagger and split into the four sides of the world there καιρός is born:
καιρός – utkany z dźwięków tworzących wolierę uczuć
καιρός, woven from sounds that form an aviary of feelings
καιρός, where the Hymn of Love will be heard for the first time
καιρός, the sounds of the Japanese drum replacing the heartbeat
καιρός, everything is always falling like the cloud of tears in O, Let Me Weep
καιρός, I breathe, I run ‘to rise above the waves of lost time'

I want καιρός the rite of falling to become a rite of freedom.
Monika Wachowicz

©2022 Joanna Nowicka

I have invited exceptional artists:
Hanna Nowicka-Rożeń (alto), Agnieszka Sanocka (cello), Lexo Gremelashvili (Georgian chants), Jakub Karpoluk (Japanese kotsuzumi drum), Amelia Helena Mazur (girl)
Space arranger Jarosław Fret
Photos on fabric: Joanna Nowicka
Music arranger: Leszek Kwaśniewicz

© 2022 Maciej Dziaczko

In the performance a recording of Ever Homeward by Frank Sinatra and a poem by Paul Celan read by himself are used.

I would like to thank you Marcin „Cozer” Markiewicz for his help in editing the soundtrack of speeches by world leaders of freedom.

Stage design made by technical department of the Grotowski Institute directed by Piotr Jacyk
Technical assistance: Grotowski Institute team and Daniel Dyniszuk
Running time about 55 minutes

Premiere: 3–4.12 2022, Katowice (Ateneum Gallery Stage) and 7.12.2022, Wrocław, Laboratory Theatre Space, the Grotowski Institute.

Previous presentations of the performance:

©2022 Maciej Dziaczko

The performance/installation Kairos was born out of a fascination with the work of three poets of cinema, Krzysztof Kieślowski, Sergei Parajanov and Andrei Tarkovsky.

The Wrocław premiere is dedicated to:
Antoni Jahołkowski
Jacek Zmysłowski
Stanisław Scierski
Zbigniew Cynkutis
Ryszard Cieślak
Jerzy Grotowski
Zygmunt Molik
Ludwik Flaszen
Mieczysław Janowski
Jerzy Gurawski
Rena Mirecka

Monika Wachowicz, Jarosław Fret

Partners: Silesian Puppet and Actor Theatre Ateneum in Katowice, Joanna Nowicka Portrait Studio, Silesian Library, Porcelana Bogucice and Monika Wachowicz Studio Body and Emotions.